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Art and Choreography

In this 2 minute video I describe a key element of my art making process. Different qualities such as stacatto, pour, squeeze, splat come from different movement patterns and orientations in my body.

A Compassionate Conversation with a Latino for Trump

When I spoke with Marco Gutierrez and engaged him on getting calm and curious as he painted and drew on the scroll, I didn't know that he was the co-founder of Latinos for Trump who would later make the news.  

"My culture is a very dominant culture, and it's imposing - and it's causing problems," he told Joy Ann Reid of MSNBC yesterday.  "if you don't do something about it, your going to have taco trucks on every corner."

Do you remember the feel of finger paint on your fingers?

Do you remember the feel of finger paint on your fingers?  That moment when you saw the red, blue, green, yellow, orange on the page.  And the feeling of amazement of how you put it there? 

Just about all of us have had this experience.  

Curious and Excited

On the airplane to the Republican National Convention to Cleveland.  I imagine the touch of many people on the linen scroll and wonder what will happen.  Each of us have our own unique and needed expression that is a gift from the devine.

Big Love and the Changing Climate

I recently had the pleasure of painting live at the Great Big Love Concert by Michael Levy. Click on the painting above to see the large square version of "Big Love and the Changing Climate." It is 20" x 20"  acrylic on linen. I'm offering it at an introductory price of $450.  

Painting at a Memorial: Lewis Ellenhorn

"Life without music would be sterile and incomplete.  I do not mean soley music as a defined art or performance.  I am referring to the music which is constantly there as we interact with one another and as we persue our tasks.

10 Year Old Abbas Asks "Why don't Westerners copy Easterners' Art?"

I had the pleasure of meeting Abbas while playing "The Game of Crustopoly" at the "Encounters on the Frontier" exhibit by Mohsin Shafi and myself in Pakistan.  I was impressed by Abbas' quick wit and questioning mind.

Encounters on the Frontier- Exhibit in Pakistan

The Internet is our "wild wild west" these days and the next frontier is our fear of intimacy.  Encounters on the Frontier is an evolving offline work between myself and Pakistani artist Mohsin Shafi.  We are planning our next exhibit in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2015.


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