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Andrew Purchin / Scrolls

Scroll of Curious Endings to the War Against Ourselves

This Scroll tied in a knot honors the frustration many of us feel in trying to not hate the hater and find calm and compassion while also setting firm boundaries on hate.  Over 150 people drew and... [more]

The Duck Dragon

In this age where bullying has once again overcome the land, The Duck Dragon has awareness of its divine beauty while at the same time it can’t stand somebody telling it that it looks like a duck... [more]

Into the Meadow of the Heart

When you pivot on your ankles and let yourself sway all kinds of natural circular shapes occur. And as dizziness sets in, new worlds arrive.

DIY Torah

This DIY Torah is made of old oil painting palettes, driftwood and thread with a bit of artichoke thistle.  I took... [more]

Artwork Pager

Artwork Pager

Artwork Pager