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Creative Witness for You!

A change for the better, drawing 8" x 8"

Creative Witnessing is a process in which I offer you my skills as a psychotherapist and artist so that you can heal, grow and transform. And you receive artwork that is a reflection of our work together.  Sessions are 50 -55 minutes long and occur on the phone, on video chat or in person, (after restrictions are lifted).

As I draw and paint from deep within, I listen to you exquisitely to help you go deeper into your experience.  I guide you to attend and befriend parts of you that appear to be in your way, so you can heal what has been broken and become more integrated and whole. 

If your healing were a work of art, what would you title it?  Some sample ideas are:  

  • I’m terrified, help!
  • How do I engage and not avoid?
  • Freeing myself from addiction.
  • My inner critic can relax!
  • Being in my open heart in the midst of crisis.
  • Shivering and quivering into intimacy.
  • A place for grief, a place for wisdom. 

A title can help us focus our work together.  

Free 10-20 minute phone consultation

$120 per session including artwork. I have some sliding scale slots available for those that need it.



Artwork Pager

Artwork Pager

Artwork Pager